Saturday, April 23, 2011

One of those days!

Today was just one of those days! First of all I was very busy. We had a church picnic yesterday, so I had some cleaning up to do after that. Then I had lots to do to get ready for tomorrow. Our missions conference starts tomorrow evening. I had some decorations to finish up for that. And to top it all off, Jesse was into everything today!!!
I let the kids color and decorate eggs right before lunch. After his nap, Jesse got about 4 of the eggs and smashed and crumbled them all over the place! After I got that mess cleaned up, he got a paintbrush that was soaking in paint thinner and painted all over the work room. Then, he got toilet paper and unrolled it all over the place. Then while we were going through our resurrection eggs, he was sitting on one making chicken sounds! So, I was trying not to laugh while Stu was reading the scripture. That boy acts just like his daddy! :)
If you don't know what resurrection eggs are, they are a set of 12 plastic eggs that are numbered and each contains an item and a scripture. For example, 3 dimes represents 30 pieces of silver, A rock represents the stone in front of the tomb and the last egg is empty to represent the empty tomb. You get the idea. It is a tradition that the kids love. We hide the eggs and let the boys find them, then sit down and go through them. We usually do them on Easter Sunday, but because tomorrow will be so busy we did them tonight. While we were going through them, we were asking the kids questions to make sure they were listening and understood the story. When we opened the one with the soap (to represent Pilot washing his hands) we asked them what did they do with the soap. Seth answered, "They soaped him". I think he was referring to Jesus, but I'm not sure exactly what he meant by that. Then we were talking about how they stripped Jesus and we were explaining what that meant. We asked the boys if they would be embarrassed to go outside naked and Seth said, "no!".  So it was hard to keep a straight face during our story!
I have not been sleeping good because I can't keep Jesse out of our bed! When he sneaks in bed with us during the night he kicks and wiggles and I can't sleep. With his ear infection he has been crying a lot during the night. Normally I don't let him in our bed so he sleeps on the floor next to my bed. I tried to remedy that one night when I put him to bed by telling him about the hairball monster in my room (cause he told me he didn't want to stay in his bed cause he was scared of monsters). I told him there was no monsters in his room but there was in mine. It didn't work! He came in my room and slept on my floor and Seth came in during the middle of the night crying about being scared of the hairball monster! I was trying to explain to him that I was teasing and it was just the hair that comes out of my brush and blows under my dresser. I had to show him the next day what I was talking about. Guess I need to figure out another way to keep Jesse out of my room. Maybe it's time to cage in his bed (what do ya think Denise?), or maybe I can lock him in his room or out of mine. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight!

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  1. I hear you there with the kid in the bed Donna~ Autumn wiggles around etc kicks me.. Autumn walks to ours...