Thursday, April 28, 2011

Missions Conference

Sunday night through Wednesday night was our first missions conference. It made for a busy week but was really good. We had an International dinner on Sunday afternoon.  Wednesday night was the best attended, we had hundreds of visitors. I even think we had a touch of the Holly Ghost! Wait, that was the flying visitors we had that caused that. People were swatting and jumping. We were invaded by some kind of flying ants. I guess they all came out because of the rain we had. We had rain two evenings in a row and on Wednesday it lasted for several hours. It was nice and cool. The boys had a blast playing in it for an hour before we went to church.
I have also started working on renewing 9 passports. 4 US and 5 Canadian. I have to get them done before we head back for furlough in August. It is a hassle and extra money but it has to be done. The Canadian ones have more paper work and stuff to be done before turning in the applications. The US ones have very little paper work, but we have to have an appointment and show up with lots of documents and wait in lines in a very crowded place. So I am not looking forward to that day, with 4 kids (or should I just say, with Jesse) in tow. :)
We have a very busy 3 months until we head back. I will try to keep up with this, but I have only been getting to it weekly instead of daily.  I don't think I'll change the name though. :)

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