Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Beach Birthday!

Julianna's 13th birthday is Friday and we gave her the option of a party or a day with a couple of friends. She chose to take a couple of friends to the beach, so we spent the day at the beach. We had a great time, until the end when Jesse stepped on a Sea Urchin and had several of the spines break off in his foot. He is hurting but we have his foot soaking in vinegar right now, hoping that will dissolve them. We had cupcakes and somehow the icing ended up all over Juls' face. :) Then we came home and had pizza and coke! Now we are all ready for bed and it is only 6:30. It's back to work tomorrow, we are still working on school and I'm still trying to catch up on finances  reports. Maybe I can stay awake until 8:30!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy 17th Anniversary!!

Yesterday was Canada Day and our 17th anniversary. It's hard to believe we have already been married 17 years. During those 17 years we have lived in Texas, Canada and the Dominican Republic. We have been through deputation twice and took a trip to Papua New Guinea. We have had many adventures and are looking forward to many more.

Today Stu and the girls left for camp. The girls love going to camp, although they really miss Camp YES.  They were so excited last week they were counting down the days. I know they will come home Thursday and fall into bed exhausted! As for me I am going to try to catch up on some office work while they are gone.

What a crazy Friday we had this week! It was one of those days where all kinds of things happened.  We had an electrician come over to install an air conditioner (Yes, we finally will have one room that we have air in sometimes) in our office. We have used this electrician many times and he is very careful and thorough, but he must have been having a rough day. First thing that morning he drilled a huge hole in the wrong spot, so he had to move over and start again. We later had to patch the hole and still have to paint it. Then they had to go get some parts that they were missing. When they came back they realized that some of the parts were the wrong size, so Stu had to go back out (in the Friday traffic) and get them changed. When he came back from that an hour or so later, the electrician pointed out that we had been given the wrong size A/C. We had paid for a 18,000 BTU and only got a 12,000 BTU. We are not sure why he waited until 5pm to point that out, but at least he finally did. So they had to take it down off the roof and go back to the store to exchange it. They finally made it back and after a few more small problems, finished installing it. Then because it was so late, the electrician called a taxi. After waiting around for a while, he finally decided to walk to the entrance and try to catch the taxi there. I'm not sure exactly what happened from there except that the taxi finally came and was mad that the electrician wasn't there and said he was going to sit at my gate until I paid him! About the same time a bucket caught fire in our backyard, thanks to my boys, and Stu had walked around the corner and I had no keys to lock my front gate! It may not seem very chaotic in writing, but it was a crazy day.

Last Saturday we celebrated Delayna's 15th birthday with a Quince ( a tradition in Spanish cultures). We didn't do it up as big as some do, but we had a nice party. Stu did a nice service and presented her with several gifts that had special meanings. Afterwards we had food and games and cake with purple and black icing that turned everyone's mouths black. :) She looked beautiful and had a great time. Her only disappointment with her birthday this year is that she hasn't received any cards in the mail yet. Every mail day she runs in and grabs the mail to look for cards. I keep telling her they usually come late here, but she's not sure about that.

Juls' birthday is coming up on the 13th of this month, she will be 13. She chose not to have a party this year, instead she is inviting two friends over for a special day at the beach.