Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday was Friday, but it felt like I had a three day birthday. We celebrated all weekend! Friday, Juls made me breakfast and then we went to Chili's for lunch. The workers at Chili's all came out and sang to me, well it wasn't really singing, it was more like banging on the drum and yelling. It was a little embarrassing, but the kids really enjoyed it! The dessert was good!
Then we had ladies fellowship at church on Saturday evening. When it was time for food they surprised me by bringing out a cake and singing to me. They also threw water in my face. Apparently there are a couple of traditions here that they do to the birthday person. One is dumping a cup of water on their head (I got it in the face) and the other is breaking an egg over their head. I was threatened with that but thankfully they didn't do it.
And tonight in the teen class (that Stu teaches and I help in) when I came into class they surprised me with another cake and sang to me again. I felt very loved, especially when Stu told me that they planned it all by themselves, he didn't find out until today.
I've also been opening a present every day this month from my mom, which has been fun! Thanks also to all my friends who have called or sent birthday messages to me. I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The kids had dentist appointments yesterday afternoon. Stu and the girls got their braces adjusted (Delayna got her lower ones put on) and the boys had their teeth cleaned and checked. The boys had no cavities! Yay! The last time they went in Jesse had 9 and Seth had 6, so you can see why I am so excited.  Jesse has not had a good history at the dentist and it started out that way again. He screamed and fought so we had to hold him for part of it. After a bit he did sit on his own and let her clean. I am hoping he will outgrow his fear because he sure is hard to hold down.
When we left to go home the traffic was so bad that we decided to stop at Ikea until some of the traffic died down. I didn't tell the kids where we were going I just said we were going somewhere special. They wanted me to give them a hint so I said it starts with I. They couldn't guess so I said the building is blue and the words are yellow. Immediately Jesse yelled IKEA! We were all shocked that he guessed it so easy. He said, "I thinked, with my mind". Then we were walking in the store and the boys were singing, "Ikea was a wee little man..." We'll have to work on their Bible teaching. :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kids, they make me laugh!

Last night we had lots of rain and some thunder. At the first clap of thunder Jesse came running in with his ears covered to crawl into bed with us. After a few minutes and several very loud claps of thunder it started raining harder so I went into the boys room to check the windows. When I got in there Seth was laying in his bed with his ears covered. He told me he was very scared but he was staying in bed like I told him. Of course I let him come into our room too! I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night though. Neither one of them would take their hands off of their ears.
The other day Seth had pushed a girl and I gave him a "talk" about it.  I told him that he should never hurt a girl and if he ever saw anyone else being mean to a girl he should step in between then and tell the guy to back off! So last night after church he came home and told me there was a boy being mean to a girl so he got in between them and tried to tell the guy to back off. I asked how he said it and he told me he said "back off", but he said it with a Spanish accent. It was so funny.
Jesse was talking to Katlyn yesterday on the way home from church and Jesse said something about his Nanny. Katlyn said, "I have a Nanny too". Jesse said that his Nanny always sends him presents. Katlyn said that her Nanny didn't. Jesse looked at her with such shock on his face and said, "WHAT!", he couldn't believe that her Nanny didn't send presents. Katlyn quickly replied, "but I love her anyways!".

Saturday, October 6, 2012

School, Spanish, Sickness and PRESENTS!

We got back from vacation, unpacked and started school! We have been staying busy ever since.  We have had a men's work night, a youth activity, a ladies conference and several of the teens over to the house one Sunday. Delayna had a dentist appointment to have two teeth pulled. We and several of our missionary friends took all of our kids to a local store that has several jumping castles they set up. It is about $3 a kid to jump as long as they want. The kids had a blast and there were only a couple of minor injuries. Jesse and another little girl bumped heads and he gave her a bloody nose. Seth got tackled (he kept saying trampled) and sprained his thumb, it was swollen, bruised and very tender for several days. Afterwards we ate inside at the food court. It was a nice evening out. Also, Stu has started taking some online Spanish classes that I am trying to sit in on (when I can). It makes my mornings a little chaotic, trying to  juggle school, cooking and Spanish class, but I am managing. 
We have also dealt with a bit of sickness. I had another bout with Bronchitis, but am finally feeling better now. Jesse has had some ear problems, again!  Two weeks ago he started having blood drain out of his ear and then he got a cold and now has major mucous coming out of his ear (I know it is gross). I tried to get him an appointment with an ear doctor but that didn't work.  So I guess we will wait and see what happens. Then last Saturday night Stu came down with what we believe was Dengue Fever. He has had a pretty miserable week, but is feeling a bit better now. 
We use a mail service here called Agape Flights and they fly our mail in every week. They fly in on Thursdays and stay the night with one of the missionaries and then fly out the next morning.  This week was our turn to host them. We always enjoy having them, especially the kids. This week they brought me a very special package from my mom. My birthday is the 19th and since my mom knows how much I love getting presents, she sent me a box full of them! I have a present to open each day of the month. It is so much fun! She has done this for the grandkids before too and they love it almost as much as me! :)