Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We have arrived!

We made it to the States safe and mostly sound! We left our house at 5 am on Monday morning. We had a fairly smooth day with no major problems. Our team worked together well! The girls each had a boy to help watch out for. We made it through security and customs without any problems. We made all of our flights without having to run. We did sit on our second plane for an hour while they fixed something before we left. Thankfully Jesse slept the entire time! When we arrived in Kansas City, we did have to wait an hour for our ride and then drive another hour to where we were going. Then Stu had to get all the instructions for the van. We were all sitting on the couch like zombies. Seth was falling asleep. So the wife took me and the kids to the motel while Stu finished up. I got the kids to bed at 10:30 (which would be 11:30 Dominican time). We all slept good and unfortunately woke up early (because someone called Stu's phone at 6 am). We went down and had a great breakfast there at the motel. Biscuits and gravy, fresh waffles, fruit, yogurt, cereal, donuts! YUM! Then we loaded up and drove to Pekin, IL. We will be here until in the morning when we start driving to Canada. We will be visiting Mapleton Baptist Church tonight. They have been supporting us for years. We are off to do a little shopping today. Me and the girls need to find some shoes for my sisters wedding. We did make it to Walmart last night, although I was almost too tired to enjoy it!
Thanks for your prayers as we travel!

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