Monday, August 8, 2011


We crossed the border into Canada and the kids went wild. They are so excited to be back here, after 4 years, and see all their friends and family. We have such a short time here to catch up with everyone. We have already had Tim Hortons and Swiss Chalet and visited with some friends. We are staying at a house in the country and we aren't used to that. Stu laughs at me because my ears are hurting me (they are ringing) because it is soooo quiet. Jesse is going down the country roads looking for Frank (the tractor off of the movie Cars). The girls wanted to play in the corn field, so Stu let them go in one, then he went in and scared them. I don't think they will be going back in it. :)
Stu was playing golf out in the yard with the boys and hit Jesse right on the top of the head with the ball. Another thing the boys have found to entertain them is to talk to each other through the air conditioning vents.  We don't have those in the DR, so it is another new thing for them. We sure are having fun!

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