Thursday, August 18, 2011

We are so blessed!

We finally have internet again, at least for now. We have been so busy seeing family and friends that I probably wouldn't have had time to post anyways. Next week we will all be at camp all week, Stu is preaching, so I am not sure if I will be online then either.
We had a blessing today, we were getting gas and when we were done the guy behind us asked Stu to come back to his car for a minute. He was going to pay for our gas, but couldn't since we had paid at the pump. He owns a local pita place, and gave us coupons for free pitas. He is a Christian and just wanted to be a blessing. On the back of the van we are using it says, Baptist Missionary Transportation Ministry, that's how he knew we were missionaries. What a blessing. We talked to him again at the restaurant and found out he knows some of the same people as us, he grew up near where Stu grew up.
The churches we have been to so far have really treated us good too! They have gone above and beyond. The kids got spoiled with money at the last church. We also got a big bag of snacks, which the kids liked. A family let us use their house here while they were on vacation, that was a blessing. We have been well taken care of!
We are staying in a prophet's room right now and the boys think it is so cool to sleep in a church. Pastor Brett showed them the baptistery, so in the car Jesse wanted to know if he could swim in the pool when we got back. I kept saying there is no pool, and Seth said "No, he wants to be baptized!".
What an adventure furlough is going to be!

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