Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be still my heart!

This morning I went out for my walk and locked the gate behind me as always. We finished our first round and I was so tired that I didn't think I could make it around a second time so we took a shorter second loop that took us a completely different way. As we were coming around a corner close to our street, I saw a little blond headed boy in green Buzz Lightyear pj's running down the street. It took me a minute to realize that it was Jesse! My heart immediately started pounding, and I called him to come to me. When I got to him I asked him what he was doing, he said that he was looking for me. I found out that he had climbed over our wall to get out, he even showed me where. After I "disciplined" him, I was very upset. My mind just kept thinking of all the things that could have happened. I know that boy must have a dozen guardian angels around him. I thank God for all of you that pray for us. I have seen His hand of protection many times! (mostly having to do with Jesse!)
We had ladies fellowship today and had a good group of ladies, our biggest yet. I found out right before we went that I had offended a lady months ago with something I said and she hadn't been back to church since. I had said something in Spanish and apparently it meant something totally different from what I meant. I knew what the word meant but  used in the way I used it, there was a different meaning. I was able to talk to the lady tonight, with the help of Joy translating for me (I didn't want to mess up again!) and explained what happened and asked for her forgiveness. She said everything was fine. I hope she will come back to church now. I just wish I had known sooner, so I could have talked to her then.  Oh the joys of learning another language!
9 days till we leave, the boys are counting down. They are very excited! My list of things to do seems to be growing instead of shrinking. I know this next week will be crazy and then when we get to the States, I'm not sure how often I will have internet access, so my posts my slow down quite a bit. Yes, I know I already don't post very often, but I try. :)
The boys are sick again. Jesse started running fever last week (the second time he got this virus in a month) and then seemed to be better but the fever came back again and his eyes got all swollen, red and watery. I found out he has another ear infection. Today Seth started running a fever, so I guess he finally go the virus. I am hoping he gets over it quickly and the rest of us avoid it. The Wesson kids are also sick with a different virus (stomach) so we are keeping our kids separated!
Gotta go, my eyes won't stay open any longer.


  1. Praying everyone gets well and your list gets shorter this week! ;)

    I'm glad the misunderstanding with the lady was worked out. I told you I'd offended someone like that once (way before we came to Baptist Temple), but I also offended someone at Baptist Temple once and she waited months before she even told me. I couldn't even remember what the situation was when she finally told me about it, and she'd been carrying that around all those months! Those things happen, and if people don't tell us, we can't possibly know. They choose to carry the offense. You did the only thing you could - ask for forgiveness and move on. Hopefully she will put it all behind her too!

  2. Thanks Mrs. Susan! This isn't the first time I've offended anyone, I kind of have a habit of doing it, although unintentional! Looking forward to seeing you in October!