Thursday, June 2, 2011

To the Embassy again!

We had a great time on Memorial day. We had a few American friends over and grilled out. It was overcast all day, so it wasn't too hot. The kids had a good time playing and were worn out by bedtime.
On Tuesday I got a call from the Canadian Embassy saying that they wouldn't accept Seth's picture because there was a shadow in the background. A couple of hours later they called back and told me they wouldn't accept mine or Jesse's either. So today we went and got more pictures and took them by the Embassy. Once again they said they should be fine now, but now I can't help but expect a phone call saying something else is wrong.
Yesterday was the first day of hurricane season and it started out with lots of rain! Actually it is supposed to rain for a couple more days. Because of all the rain Wednesday traffic was very bad and church attendance was low. It has cooled us off quite a bit. I was cold last night. Of course, Stu always laughs at me when I'm cold here.
Cholera is getting closer to us. They keep putting in the paper, the neighborhoods that it has been found and the last update showed it just down the road from us. The girls heard about it and started talking about it. They want to know everything about it. Now they want to use our filtered water for everything!
The ear doctor put Jesse on an allergy medicine for 3 weeks and I am supposed to give it to him in the morning and at night. The doctor said that for some kids it makes them real active and they won't sleep, so if that happened only to give it to him in the morning. Well, the first morning I gave it to him he fell asleep 3 different times on the couch. I didn't clue in until the next day, when he kept falling asleep again, that it was the medicine. So now I am only giving it to him at night. He seems to be sleeping good. :)

So far my niece is doing pretty good. They are still waiting for her intestines to start working, but she is off of the breathing machines now. She will still have to stay in the hospital for another month or two (at the least). Craig and Leigh are staying at the Ronald McDonald house nearby. Please continue to pray for them.

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  1. Hi Donna, I think she looks like Craig. Did I tell you that Michelle Wright (who married Sylvia's grandson Chris Wright) had the same problem when she was born. I am pretty sure that is what she told me. Love Oma