Thursday, June 23, 2011

When it rains it Hurricanes!

I have this saying, "when it rains it hurricanes!".  That is what has happened the last couple of weeks. It started off with Juls getting "gripe", a cold. Then I got it. Then Stu got bit by something on his finger and it turned nasty! Any of you who are on Facebook saw the pictures. After going to two different doctors he finally got put on a strong enough antibiotic that started helping. It is much better now, but still not pretty. Then Myra, our German Shepherd, had a big patch of fur that she licked off of her thigh. So we took her to the vet and from what I heard, second hand, she is allergic to the food we were giving her. Juls has been playing vet and giving her meds and doing her bath and creams and sprays. Juls loves animals but admitted it has been hard to keep up with the pills and baths, etc. at the scheduled times. (that is how I feel keeping up with giving out meds to the family) Then it was Delayna who got very sick. It started out as a cold, or what seemed like it, and got worse and worse until I suspected she had Bronchitis again. We finally took her to the doctor and found out she has Asthma. She was on a 3 day treatment to get her breathing back to where it should be, but it didn't quite get there. She was still coughing and has been having headache, arms hurting and very tired. The doctor suspected that she might have Bronchitis as a secondary infection, so she is now on antibiotics for that. I think she has a virus also, which is what I think Jesse has now. He went to bed last night with a bad headache and woke up this morning with a fever. He has been laying around all day. I am hoping the rest of us don't get it, but I am not holding my breath.
On top of all of that, we have been trying to prepare for our furlough.Our U.S. passports finally came today, so legally we are ready! We leave in less than 6 weeks now and we have a full schedule during that time. My brain is a little fried right now, so I can't remember anything else that might have happened! I think I am going to bed now! :)

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