Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lots of visitors

Well, we have been having internet problems for over a week now. It comes and goes as it pleases, which is very frustrating! Of course there was supposed to be a tech here today to look at it, but they never come when they are supposed to. I have found that I have to call at least 10 times before they ever send anyone out! So for right now I have internet, but it might not last long.
Sunday we had about 25-30 (maybe more counting all of the babies) visitors at church. I found out later that they all came with one woman that lives in the States. She has been bringing food and other help down to help this group of people. They live in a poor barrio not too far from our church. Recently she realized that they needed more than physical help and told them if they wanted to keep receiving the help that they had to come to church. She has even hired a bus to bring them on Sunday mornings. We had about 6-10 babies in the nursery and several new kids in Jr Church.
Jesse had his two ear tests today but now we have to wait two weeks to see the doctor to hear about the results and what he wants to do. Sometimes I get tired of waiting.
The Wessons left yesterday. Their plane was delayed so they had to sit in the airport for several hours. Then found out that they would miss their connection so they had to stay in Fort Lauderdale last night, but it gets worse! They couldn't get them on a flight today so they have to stay tonight also. Hopefully they make it back to their family soon! I'm sure the grandparents are anxiously awaiting their grand kids! We will miss them but are so glad to have the Coupes here. The kids are especially happy to have Miss Krista here!

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