Friday, May 6, 2011

Jalapenos, Yum, Yum!

I found some Jalapenos here this week. That is the first time I've found them here. I was excited. I made salsa and jalapeno poppers (with cream cheese inside and bacon wrapped around it). They were so good.  I had two left and Jesse got up on the counter and cut one and tasted it. He came running upstairs screaming, "it's burning!". I finally figured out what was burning and gave him his cup of tea. He took a drink and then started pouring it on his chin. I cleaned him off and gave him an ice pack. He sat with that thing on his mouth and chin for 30 minutes. I think that is the longest he had sat still all day.
I am still working on the passport applications, although I almost have them ready. I had the hardest time getting pictures for our Canadian ones. I spent two days on those! I couldn't get anyone to do them the right size. What I have now is cut to the right size but the picture doesn't go to the edges. I am hoping they accept them. If they don't then they are going to have to tell me where I can get them done correctly because I have exhausted my resources. I could do them myself except that they have to be done my a professional. At least I don't have to have an appointment for the Canadian ones, I can just drop it off anytime. Our appointment for our US ones is on the 23rd. Hopefully it all goes smoothly.
Delayna finally seems to be getting over her bronchitis. Stu had something similar and is still not feeling the greatest. The rest of us are healthy!
We had the Agape pilots here last night. The kids always enjoy that. I'm not sure if the pilots like being surrounded by 4 kids who want to talk to them. :) 
We bought our furlough tickets. We are flying out on August 1st and coming back on February 28th. We have a busy schedule while we are there. Stu only has a couple of months to fill with meetings still.
That's all for now folks!

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