Monday, October 3, 2011

Heart Attack!

We have been staying busy traveling. We have been to Oklahoma, Texas and are now in Arkansas. We got to visit Victory Baptist in Wichita Falls, where we worked for a while before going to Canada. While there we were able to go to an MSU football game. The boys loved it! Even Delayna got into it.  Ever since then they are asking to listen to or watch football. Just wait till we take them to a hockey game, since we know those are so much more exciting. :)
The boys, or maybe it's just Jesse,  sure keep us entertained. Jesse points out every stop sign now and when it is a large sign, he yells STOP. He also points out all the "oil pumper" things (oil wells). He gets very excited anytime he sees a train and tells Stu to make sure and tell him when he sees one. He also asks, "how many more aisles (miles) until we are there?".
We were also able to be with my mom on her birthday. While we were there the boys about gave her a heart attack. I was in the room packing and I thought the boys were playing with Delayna outside. All of a sudden my mom started screaming, "SOMEONE HELP THE BOYS, HURRY!". I took off running, not sure what was wrong. What happened was that Delayna had come inside and the boys had gone up to the top of the hill and gotten in my mom's utility wagon and were riding down the hill in it (through a maze of trees with a ditch and a road at the bottom). Somehow they had stopped halfway down and Seth was about to give a push to get them going again when I got out there and stopped them. My mom was sick the rest of the day. I told her that now she knows how I feel daily. Also while we were there we were killing scorpions daily. The boys were sleeping on the floor so after finding many scorpions around where they were sleeping we decided to move them to the couch. As I was carrying their blankets to the living room, I jokingly said to Stu, "I'm not leaving a trail of scorpions behind me am I?". He looked and sure enough there was a big scorpion that had fallen out of the blanket. Praise the Lord none of us were stung while we were there.
The boys are always telling Stu, I love you more and most to try to be the one that loves the most. The other day Seth was trying to make it more and he said, "I love you more and most and 5 + 5". Stu let him win on that one. :)

I will attach a few pictures, I have several posted on Facebook if you want to see more.


  1. I can just see your Mom now with the boys. Now maybe she'll understand why I try to keep our little ones sat down while there. It's funny now, but probably wasn't then!

    Are y'all coming to our church, Bible Baptist of Rendon, while here?

    Terri D.

  2. Poor Mrs. J!!!! You'd think she'd be used to the excitement after raising your brother! ;)

    I can't imagine sleeping around scorpions. I don't think I'd get a wink of sleep.

    Delayna looks so much like you, Donna. Both girls are such young ladies, and beautiful ones, at that.

    Can't wait to see you at the end of the month! We're reserving the room for you today (hopefully it will be available for the nights we need it).

  3. Well now, I am not sure if I am coming for a visit - not with scorpions. How do you stand it all. My Kevin on the other hand we all know would love it. I wonder what the Lord is training Jesse for, and his side-kick Seth. Miss you.