Tuesday, November 22, 2011

On the road

Yes, I know it has been so long since I posted and I am sorry. We have been traveling non-stop for the last few months. It has been almost impossible to keep up with office and online stuff. We are now in Charlotte at my in laws house. Actually right now it is only me and the boys. Stu, the girls, Martin and Bonnie (Stu's parents) all went up to Canada to see Grandma Schepers (Martin's mom). She fell and broke her spin in two places, has pneumonia in both lungs and has a bowel obstruction, so she has not been doing well. They did not expect her to make it long, but so far she is hanging on. Stu and Juls are on their way back now and Martin, Bonnie and Delayna will head back in a few days. So I am happy that I don't have to spend Thanksgiving alone. :)
We have been all over the place the last few months. Me and Stu flew up to Seattle and then drove to Vancouver, BC and on to Kelowna. From there he flew to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and I flew to Winnipeg  Manitoba. We then flew all night back to Oklahoma, picked up the kids and started driving to Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland (with a few days touring Washington DC) and then here to North Carolina. We have been able to visit many friends along the way. Some from College, some from back home in Texas and we have made many new friends. We are now seeing family here in NC. My brother lives here and I got to see my nieces and nephew , two of them for the first time. I also hope to visit my aunt while we are here. The Lord has also blessed with several new churches picking us up for support. We will be heading back down to Oklahoma early in December and I get to spend Christmas with my family for the first time in many years! If we can get my brother down there, we will all be together! I am hoping to get a family picture, because this doesn't happen too often.
No funny stories to report this time, but I do have a horrifying story. Since everyone left I was left here with only my mother in law's BMW to drive.  I hated driving it because I didn't want anything to happen to it. I had to go to church and then I had to go to the store to get some things. While in it I was constantly telling the boys not to touch anything and not to move and not to breathe. :) I was driving overly cautious. So I got home from the store yesterday and pulled into the garage, shut the door, and got my stuff and the boys out. I then shut the driver's side door (not slamming it) and as I did the passenger side window exploded! I stood there horrified and shaking. The boys stood there with looks on their faces of, "I didn't do it!". I just thought, "she is going to kill me!" So I guess I will be getting coal in my stocking this year! :)


  1. We talked to your dad on his birthday and he's hoping all of you will be together for Christmas too! I had forgotten your aunt lives in NC; I hope you'll get to see her.

    I've found a whole new world of blogs through your friends from college. One of them is in Jamaica, and I found out they were the couple who worked with my in-laws before they had to come home (my in-laws had to come home)!

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all!

  2. Praying for you as you're busy traveling! If you get a chance, could you send one of your prayer cards to Windsor Hills to be mailed to us? I would really love to have one for our daily "missionary prayer card" prayer time!