Friday, March 25, 2011

Dentist visit

Well, I started off running again today, no, not literally (dad)! The girls had a dentist appointment this morning. They each had one cavity to be filled. YAY! I think that was the first time in a long time that they didn't have more than one. It was an easy relaxing visit compared to the last several with the boys. Jesse screamed and had to be held down and Seth cried quite a bit with his root canal.  So this time I was able to just sit and read a book. Although I about froze to death with the air conditioning. It made me dread furlough, I am not looking forward to being there in winter.
As soon as we got home from the dentist I finished up lunch. I had left it all ready for Stu to get started for me. We had 4 chickens on the grill, so it was smelling good. We had our new neighbors over for lunch. They are missionaries that moved into our old house. They are from Mississippi so it was nice to hear a strong Southern accent. Jesse terrorized one of the little girls though. He put his spiderman costume on as well as the mask (that covers his whole head) and ran at her screaming. She burst into tears. They said she is afraid of anyone in a costume. So we tried to get the boys to at least keep their masks off while they were here.
The girls had art class this afternoon. Delayna is working on her third painting. She is doing excellent! I just wish I could slow her down a little, the canvases and paints aren't cheap. She sure loves it. She is also doing great at guitar. She has many talents. Juls gets bored with all that stuff to quick, but she is great at helping me around the house. She will take the boys and entertain them for hours so I can get some work done.
Stu is at a men's activity with the church tonight. I have "gripe" (a cold) and am ready for bed, so I am going to put the boys to bed, Although they won't stay there. Jesse will sneak into my room and sleep on the floor which is where I find him every morning, unless he has crawled up into our bed by then. He even told me I could sell his bed cause he didn't want it. By the way, he finally got rid of his old raggedy puppy. He threw it away at church one day and said he wanted a new one. So now he sleeps with "Rocky".
Good Night!

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