Thursday, March 24, 2011

Busy day!

Wow! Today I was running all day long! Me and Delayna left at 9am and went to Bravo (a grocery store) first, did a bit of shopping and picked up Maribel and her sister. Maribel is a deaf lady in our church and her sister is the seamstress that is making the dresses for Gloria's wedding. So once we got them we went to the fabric store to buy the material. From there we went home and had lunch, I had put something in the crock pot so it was ready for us. Then right after lunch I took Joy to PriceSmart. I was home for a short time and then me and Juls ran to the airport to get the mail. I have been busy since I got home, but I can't remember what I've been doing. I was just able to sit down a few minutes ago and I am exhausted!
We had new neighbors move in today! A missionary family moved into our old house. They have twin 3 year old girls. That is the second missionary family to move in to our neighborhood this month and we have one more coming next week. It is really nice to have so many friends so close by. The kids especially love it!
Now, I'm of to put the boys to bed, then maybe I can relax. :)

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