Saturday, June 1, 2013

May is gone already!?!

Is it really June already??? May seemed to fly by. It probably helped that my sister and her family were here. We sure enjoyed getting to know my niece. She turned 1 year old while she was here. The poor thing got smothered by all of us wanting to hug and kiss her!
May 26th was Mother's Day here. On the Friday night before, the men put on a Mother/Daughter banquet for us. They did a really good job. On the way home that night it was me, Joy, my girls, her daughter and my sister. There were lots of police out (they have upped the patrols due to more violence) and as we passed through a road block they stopped us. They looked in the van and said "oh, a van full of beautiful women. You must not be Dominican, you are too pretty." then they let us go. :)  We were glad not to have nay problems.
It has been raining a lot here the past couple of weeks, which has been nice! After it rains here a bunch of flying ants come out. We don't notice them as much when we are at home because we have screens, but at the church they can be a bother! One Wednesday night it had rained quite a bit and as Josh started preaching the flying ants started coming out. As they would fly under a ceiling fan it would push them down onto the people. There were so many of them that we were being swarmed with them. People started swinging and swatting, waving and picking them out of other peoples hair. It was very distracting! Then one flew into my sisters mouth and she started gagging. At that point, Stu was chuckling and I was having a hard time holding it together but I was doing ok. Then one flew into Josh's eye and we all lost it. The whole church was laughing. After Josh saying it was a good thing they were ants and not roaches we got back to business. After the services there were so many dead ants all over the floor, you could tell it had been bad.
We have had a special evangelistic campaign going on since Thursday. The devil has really been fighting, there have been so many complications. On Thursday morning we were informed we could not use the building that we had secured several months in advance because the Catholics were going to use it. We ended up having the meeting outside on a basketball court. In the middle of the service, between the two preachers, while they were singing, it started pouring! Everyone started running. Joy spread herself over the keyboard until someone came to help her, she was drenched by then! Then last night in the kids service, Stu was about to pass out a few prizes to some of the kids who had won and a riot broke out. As soon as the first kid held up their prize everyone rushed forward. They broke the sound system, trampled people and then started throwing rocks and eggs. Because the sound system wouldn't work, they had a hard time getting it back under control. Needless to say, some of them were nervous about what would happen tonight! I do know they have had a good attendance and at least 18 saved so far.
Seth and Jesse are done with school for the year (YAY!) and the girls are getting close. We are working extra hard to try to finish on time. We are looking forward to summer break this year, especially me! So, if you don't hear from me this summer it will be because I am laying out back in the pool trying to stay cool and enjoying my break. :) Not really! I am going to be taking two Spanish classes a week through the summer. I am nervous and excited all at once. Please pray that my Spanish will improve greatly during this time.


  1. That reminded me of a time that we were swarmed by bugs during a service in Ivory Coast. Never a dull moment!

  2. I just found your blog from the BMW link-up. I'll be back!