Monday, June 10, 2013

A new kind of Hockey

Most of you know that my husband grew up in Canada so therefore grew up playing hockey.  Well, since we have ben here in the DR, he doesn't get to play much hockey.  He keeps his stick handy in case the opportunity arises. Yesterday morning that opportunity came. I went down to the kitchen to get him some more Sprite, we have both been sick the last several days, and when I walked in the kitchen, something moved on top of my stove. You guessed it, another rat! I called for Stu to come down to help me and the first thing he asked for was his hockey stick. After several minutes of trying to get the rat to come out from behind the stove, it finally did. Stu started practicing his slapshots.  He smacked that rat against the door over and over until it stopped moving. I was laughing so hard and wishing I had a video camera. When it was all over, I told the girls that they better marry a man who knows how to use a hockey stick. :)

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