Monday, April 15, 2013

My first trip to the police station.

Well, I had to make my first trip to the police station today! It all started with a quiet afternoon. The girls were gone with friends and Stu had taken the boys out. After working on my to do list for a bit, I decided to run a quick errand that was just a couple of blocks away. As I was leaving the entrance of our neighborhood, I had to cross traffic to turn left. I waited until it was clear except for a motorcycle that was quite a ways down the road and I headed toward the center to wait for one car to pass the other way. Instead of passing he stopped right in front of me and I couldn't move. The next thing I know I heard screeching tires and saw the motorcycle fishtailing his way towards me. He smacked right into my car right at my side view mirror. He busted my front windshield, broke off my mirror, dented the front side panel and knocked my bumper loose. I think I just sat there staring at him, I couldn't believe he hit me. He had plenty of room to go around behind me, which is the lane that he had been in. He picked his bike up and I backed back into the entrance of my neighborhood. There is a police compound across from our entrance and a couple of them had been pulling out, so they came right over. They were very nice and agreed that it was not my fault and that I shouldn't be upset, but I was very upset. After realizing that I did not have any minutes on my cell phone, one of the police used his phone to call Joy for me. She called Stu (who was out with Josh and the boys) and then she walked up to the entrance to help me out. We ended up having to go to the police station to file a report. When we got there the guy suddenly gave a whole different story than mine. We also found out he didn't have a license, but they didn't do anything about it! So, because he was hurt (he only had a couple of scratches on his stomach from my mirror) they kept my license. And, because our stories didn't match up, we have to go back Thursday morning at 8am (I think for some kind of a hearing to sort it out).  It is so frustrating dealing with the way they do things here. Please pray that we won't have any problems Thursday and that I will get my license back. I will try to update you afterwards. Thanks!

Just so I can end this on a good note, I am adding a photo of my handsome men on their way to the driving range.

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  1. Oh no! Well, I am SO glad you are okay, and I hope that you get things sorted out quickly and painlessly.