Thursday, August 9, 2012


We had VBS or Escuela Biblica De Verano last week and boy was it a crazy week!!! We had been planning on 75 kids and on Monday we only had a few more than that. From Tuesday on there was over 100 every day. I was driving our van picking up people and Stu was driving the Wesson's truck. Tuesday after he got to the church we realized he had a flat tire, so as soon as he got things started inside he went out to change it. Found out that the spare was flat too, so we went to get that fixed and got back to get it put on. I ended up having to take all the kids home because he wasn't done fixing it in time. Wednesday everything seemed to go smoothly until we got home and realized we had left Delayna at the church. Stu thought I had her and I thought he had her.  She ended up staying with a lady from our church until services that night. Thursday we discovered that Myra (our German Shepherd) was very sick, I won't go into details. So as soon as we got home from VBS we took her to the vet and then had to go to the airport to get the missionaries mail, then stopped by the house for a few minutes and went out and made a few visits. I forgot to mention that I had a migraine everyday from Sunday on, so I was struggling to drive with the pain. Nothing seemed to get rid of it. Friday, last day, all the workers were going to come to my house afterwards for hot dogs and fun. The truck had another flat tire, no it wasn't flat it literally fell apart. I had to go meet Stu to get the kids from him and take them to the church. Then we found someone to go search for a tire for us. They got a tire, although a little small, that worked and just in time to take the kids home! Then we hauled everyone to our house for the afternoon. Things went well, but I was sure glad it was over! I was exhausted! Oh yeah, our record number of people in our 12 passenger van was broken with 36 people!!!
Sunday night we had a special program at the church for the VBS kids and their parents, it went very well!
Monday turned very ugly for me. I woke up in EXTREME pain in my entire body. I have been sick ever since. I have been in severe pain, upset stomach and fever. I have pretty much been bed bound, which I hate, especially knowing how much I have to do. If I could just get rid of the pain, I think I would be fine. I am about to try some different medicine now and am hoping to get some pain relief and some sleep! My girls have been a huge help while I've been sick. Juls has got up every morning with the boys and made breakfast and basically taken care of them all day. Delayna has cooked lunch and help keep me supplied with water. I am so thankful for them, but I am hoping to be back on my feet soon!

My boys don't stand out with their white heads, do they?!

Ready for craft time.

Loading up the truck, packing them in!

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  1. Wow, awesome report about VBS! So glad you had so many, and it was obvious the devil was fighting a good thing.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon, my friend. It is so hard on everyone when Mama is down!