Saturday, March 16, 2013

Birthdays and Girlfriends?

We had Pastor Ken Shaver and his wife here with us the beginning of March. He preached a family conference for us and our church's 6th anniversary. We had 225 on Sunday morning and a couple saved. We really enjoyed having them stay with us. They sure spoiled us rotten. They brought a suitcase full of goodies for us and the Wessons. My kids immediately adopted them as grandparents. :) We were sad to see them leave.
On March 7th Jesse turned 6 years old.  He was so excited for March to get here because he knew he was going to get a box of presents from his Nanny, one to open each day of the month. He had watched Seth do it in January and he was ready for his turn. He has loved it. He lays it out each night before he goes to bed so he can pick it up on his way downstairs in the morning.
One Saturday, Stu was out passing out flyers for the family conference. He had given one to a lady that was in her yard and when he was done telling her about it she asked him if he wanted a girlfriend. He told her no, he was happily married but she acted like, so what, do you want a girlfriend?! I'm glad he said no. :) It is very common in this Country for the men to have both a wife and a girlfriend and they both know about each other. We've had to deal with those situations a few times.
We live on a cul d sac and the kids love going out on "the circle" to play. Most evening our kids and the Wesson's kids are all out there playing along with some neighbor kids. The other night Seth came in  from playing and said "Mom, I need to tell you something bad that I did.". I asked what it was and he told me that he had pulled a branch off of one of the trees. The neighbors like to keep the circle looking nice, so there are a couple of trees the kids can climb and the rest they are to leave alone. I told him that he knew he wasn't suppose to touch them. He said, "but it wasn't me, Ashlyn (Wesson)  forced me to." I told him that she couldn't force him to do anything, that it was his choice to obey or disobey. He then said, "but mom, she looked at me with that face and I had to do it!". It took all I had to keep from busting out laughing.


  1. Okay, so now we need to let Josh know that his kids are picking up on that nasty face he makes at their Mommy! ;) I am totally kidding of course but just go ahead and tell him I (Dee Dee) said that! :) Hee! Hee! Funny post! We are all glad for Stu that he said he was happily married! :)

  2. Joe gets marriage proposals quite frequently here as well. The other day was a first though. A large woman picked him up and ran with him. Joe said he did not think anyone was big enough to pick him up, let alone run while holding him. He got away!
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. Happy birthday to your Jesse! They are grow fast.
    Glad to hear that your Stu decided against the girlfriend. :0)

    I was just thinking that your Delayna and our Josh are the same age, I think. Josh is about to graduate and I remembered the photo I have of them as little ones on deputation and it seemed they were the same age.