Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Seth

I figured that I had better hurry up and post something before January ended so it wouldn't seem as long since I last posted. Even though it has technically been 2 months. Ooops! I am not a good writer to begin with and when I get so busy it is hard to make myself sit down and write. I would rather go organize something!
Well, we are all healthy at the moment, which is so nice! I did finally go to the dentist and ended up having a root canal done. I go tomorrow to get my filling. I had to go to one dentist to be dagnosed, then to another for the root canal and back to the first dentist for the filling. I am not in pain anymore but will be glad when it is finished. I hope this doesn't become a yearly thing for me, since this has happened two years in a row now.
We had a wonderful Christmas. After all the church activities were done, we were able to have a couple of weeks to just take it easy. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have some family here.  We were happy to at least have the Wessons. We spent Christmas eve together and had a great time eating and playing games. On New Years Eve we had our church teens over for the night. I was fine with it until about 3 in the morning when I had been trying to go to sleep but couldn't because they were outside of my window yelling. :)
Seth turned 7 on the 17th. He is really growing up! He's not my buddha baby anymore. My mom sent him a box of presents, one for each day in January. He loves getting up each morning and opening his present. He had a lego birthday party and was so excited to find several new lego "guys" on his cake. Now Jesse is already planning his party. :) Seth has lost two more teeth, so that makes three. I gave him some money for his most recent one and he said, "so, you're the tooth fairy" I said, "no, she just gave me the money to give to you." :) He knows it's really me though.
We have been having a problem with thieves in our neighborhood lately. It always gets bad around Christmas but it hasn't calmed down yet.  One day, close to Christmas, I was in the living room and saw someone walk by the front gate. When I walked closer to look I saw that he was down on the curb half hiding under our car. I saw another guy walking around our circle and at first thought they were playing around. Then when I saw a police motorcycle pull onto our circle, I knew it was something else. I stood up on my wall and pointed down so they would know where he was. One of the police came over and grabbed him and told me thank you. I later found out that he had stabbed a woman and had run into our neighborhood to hide. Yesterday someone tried to break into the house behind us and then climbed up onto our wall to escape. He must have ran on the walls until he got to the street. Anyways through all of this we were talking to our neighbor (a professional baseball player) who has a friend who is a sargent in the national police. He called him to come over and he gave us his cell number and said to call him personally if we ever had any problems. It's actually good for me when this stuff happens because it reminds me that where I live and to be careful. I get too comfortable here sometimes.
Thanks for the prayers, We appreciate them! I know they help keep us safe!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Seth! What a cool cake you made! :-)

    Scary to think how many close calls you all have had recently with guys up to no good. Will definitely be praying for God's never-ending safety for you.