Tuesday, October 16, 2012


The kids had dentist appointments yesterday afternoon. Stu and the girls got their braces adjusted (Delayna got her lower ones put on) and the boys had their teeth cleaned and checked. The boys had no cavities! Yay! The last time they went in Jesse had 9 and Seth had 6, so you can see why I am so excited.  Jesse has not had a good history at the dentist and it started out that way again. He screamed and fought so we had to hold him for part of it. After a bit he did sit on his own and let her clean. I am hoping he will outgrow his fear because he sure is hard to hold down.
When we left to go home the traffic was so bad that we decided to stop at Ikea until some of the traffic died down. I didn't tell the kids where we were going I just said we were going somewhere special. They wanted me to give them a hint so I said it starts with I. They couldn't guess so I said the building is blue and the words are yellow. Immediately Jesse yelled IKEA! We were all shocked that he guessed it so easy. He said, "I thinked, with my mind". Then we were walking in the store and the boys were singing, "Ikea was a wee little man..." We'll have to work on their Bible teaching. :)

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